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Integrative Wellness Massage

Try our signature massage, completely customizable to release tension and ease the body and mind. The integrative massage includes elements of deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, myofascial release, trigger point release and for those who are interested, mantra meditation.  This massage is best for relieving chronic patterns of tension, improving flexibility, aiding in muscle recovery and healing muscle injury.

50 min $100    80 min $130

Lymphatic Drainage

A gentle skin stretching massage that encourages drainage of the lymph nodes and movement of the lymph fluids around the body. Mostly focusing on arms, legs and stomach along with myofascial release.

50 min $110    80 min $130

Prenatal/Postnatal Massage


A therapeutic massage for women in their second or third trimester. Completely customizable massage with varying pressure, with focus on areas of tension that comes with a growing belly. Mostly side-lying with pillows for comfort.


A massage to support a mother after labor and birth of her baby. Must be 6 weeks postpartum. Can focus on scar tissue release for cesarean sections and breast massage for mastitis and healthy breastfeeding.

50 min $95      80 min $120

Aromatherapy Massage

Essential oils are incorporated with massage to create an optimal relaxation experience. Essential oils can be used to relax, uplift and reduce inflammation.

50 min $90      80 min $115

Hot Stone Massage

Melt into the table with the use of hands-on massage and warm stones. Hot stones warm the surface layer of the muscle helping to increase circulation and release muscle tension.

50 min $110    80 min $130