Our Nutrition Services

Our Nutrition Services

Nutrition plays a vital role in health. It impacts mood, energy, immunity, digestion, elimination, detoxification, and more. Food provides nutrients to cells, is involved with biochemical reactions, and reduces inflammation to promote health. Eating a varied diet provides vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables, anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids from fish, nuts and seeds, and protein to synthesize muscle and neurotransmitters that impact mood. The fiber in fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds as well as fermented foods such as kimchi and sauerkraut foster optimal gut health.

Therapeutic diets may be used to address specific health conditions. Examples include digestive issues such as IBS and autoimmune issues such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

Beyond the physical benefits of nutrition, food connects communities, families, and individuals. Food is a celebration and social interaction with others. Through cooking and creating delicious dishes, food is also for enjoyment.

Services provided are based on functional and integrative nutrition that encompasses:

  • Personalized nutrition that is unique to each individual based on their health history, family history, health conditions, goals, preferences, and lifestyle.
  • Support with developing habits to meal plan, shop, and cook and/or options with prepared food if time constraints are an issue.
  • Support with meal ideas, recipes, and cooking.
  • Targeted nutrients through supplementation that are customized for each individual.
  • Option to do advanced testing to address food sensitivities, digestive health, and hormones.
  • Lifestyle recommendations.